February 17, 2019

Moonlight Serenade

Moonlight nasturtium

Janine PIneo Photo - Moonlight nasturtium

Native to South and Central America, Tropaeolum majus is a lush annual that is among the simplest to grow from seed. The common nasturtium has much to recommend, from its looks to its scent to its taste. In the looks department, nasturtiums produce an abundance of waterlily-like leaves and bright flowers ranging from pale yellow to mahogany. In the scent area, one would find it hard to match the unique perfume emanating from the blooms. And the whole plant is edible: leaves, flowers and seeds, all providing a peppery addition to any dish. Pictured is the nasturtium ‘Moonlight,’ one of the prize varieties that will put on a show once the plants come into full bloom. The plant has a tendency to vine, rambling to 7 feet or so in a good year, making it a candidate for a trellis or fence.