April 10, 2020

Archives for February 2012

A Particular Parasite

Arceuthobium pusillum has a way of getting to a tree. That is if you are a spruce, larch or pine in Maine. It's not particularly showy or useful, even if its near relative is part of a revered … [Read more...]

Winter’s Teasing Fuels the Imagination

• By Janine Pineo • Winter's teasing warm spells are fueling my imagination. Imagine, if you will, a raised bed shaded by an apple tree. The 4-by-8-foot expanse has been home to many plants over … [Read more...]

Sticky Monkey

Mimulus has a fun common name, monkey flower, which comes from the shape of the bloom and sometimes the markings, often resembling little monkey faces. Described as "rather rampant plants," by Brit … [Read more...]

Crazy About Plants, or Just Plain Crazy?

• By Nathan Fennelly • As a greenhouse owner, I’ve lost count of the number of times someone said, “Wow, you must really love plants.” The truth is that if people knew just how much goes into … [Read more...]

Free-range Omelet

• By Janine Pineo • Eggs are one of the quickest foods you can have on hand to prepare, and it takes only a little imagination to make something delicious. About a month ago, Gretchen and Nathan … [Read more...]

A Grower’s Life

Today marks the addition of another perspective on gardening, this one from a nearly-new greenhouse owner. For those of us who garden, greenhouse owners are a breed apart. If you have ever watched … [Read more...]

A Sage ‘Nymph’

If this were, indeed, a beautiful maiden in classical mythology, it would be well named a nymph. Salvia coccinea 'Coral Nymph' is an enchanting plant with its bicolored flowers of salmon and white … [Read more...]

An Author, a Book and a Pledge Drive

• By Janine Pineo • Maine gardeners are an independent lot, but if there’s one thing to be said about them as a rule, they love to share their gardening know-how. Lisa Colburn of Orono found … [Read more...]

Crazy Corkscrew

THE WEEKEND EDITION (So big it covers two days) This warm-weather wonder might make it as a houseplant in Maine, since it doesn't really like temperatures below 60 degrees. Vigna caracalla is in … [Read more...]

Royal Bearing

Veronica spicata 'Royal Candles' is a striking perennial hardy to Zone 3. With a common name of spiked speedwell, it isn't surprising that its flower spikes of deep blue-purple dominate the plant, … [Read more...]