July 13, 2020

Making a Point

Ivy geranium

Pineo Photo - Ivy geranium

The trailing flowers of ivy-leaf geraniums are brilliant focal points for hanging baskets. The colors range from white to striking magentas and reds, and even the leaves can be variegated to add to the drama. Trust us, a basket of geranium in full bloom will stun any gardener into speechlessness. The common geranium is actually a Pelargonium, while the true geranium is a completely different plant, better known as cranesbill. Cranesbill is a perennial in much of Maine, while Pelargoniums like the ivy-leaf kind are annuals. Many frugal Yankees would overwinter their annual geraniums in the cellar, including Garden Maine’s own grandfather, who always had the biggest, boldest geraniums we’ve ever seen.