February 19, 2019

Onaway We Go

Onaway potato

Faith Pineo Photo - Onaway potato

Onaway potatoes, according to a description from the American Potato Journal of 1961, are a high-yielding variety that produce medium to large tubers early in the season. The Onaway is resistant to scab, late blight and mild mosaic, all a plus in Maine’s climate. The potatoes pictured above were actually grown under hay on top of the soil, a trick Garden Maine’s grandfather suggested years ago. It works if one mounds the hay up much like hoeing as the leaves emerge. It also means an earlier crop since the seed potato is placed on top of the soil instead of waiting for the ground to be tilled. Onaways are good potatoes for boiling and baking, but as the Journal noted, not for making chips. The consistency of an Onaway is more watery than a Russet or Yukon Gold, for example.