May 20, 2019

Where Wednesday is Wild

Calla palustris

Calla palustris - Photo courtesy of Glen Mittelhauser/Maine Natural History Observatory

February 8, 2012 — The Daily Plant is all Maine now on Wednesday, with a weekly wild offering from the archives of the Maine Natural History Observatory and its frontman, Glen Mittelhauser.

The first selection is a type of calla. The flower probably got a lot of its fame from that line from a movie, “Stage Door,” in 1937. Spoken by the inimitable Katharine Hepburn, the quote was: “The calla lilies are in bloom again. Such a strange flower—suitable to any occasion. I carried them on my wedding day, and now I place them here in memory of something that has died.”

That’s depressing. Good thing the one we’re featuring is the wild one.

– Janine