July 23, 2019

A Salute to the Illustrator


Illustration by George Danby

Since going online mid-December with farming essays published at GardenMaine.com, I’ve received multiple and consistent compliments ― about the very cool illustrations.  I’m flattered but George Danby is the wonderful illustrator making my essays look so good ― literally.

It’s human nature to covet compliments.  This is particularly true of authors working in a field where compliments are few and far between and financial rewards even scarcer.  But I refuse to fall into that trap.

One of the biggest reasons people read my essays ― if they do ― is George Danby’s illustrations.  In the compliment-starved world of artistic endeavor I want to be the first to say, “Thank you, George,” and give credit where it’s due.


Illustration by George Danby

What sealed the validity of this observation was my friend Martha Hsu writing me a lovely letter from L.A. saying how much she enjoyed GardenMaine.com.  I puffed up, a glowing balloon.  Then she went on to explain that it was the illustrations that did the trick, “They’re very good.”

So they are.

I hope everyone reading this takes the time to thank George for his efforts.

I certainly do.  Please don’t imagine for an instant, George, that your efforts go unappreciated, least of all by me.

―  John F. Chisholm