January 22, 2020

Hats Off to Heirlooms

White poppy from The Heirloom Garden of Maine

White poppy from The Heirloom Garden of Maine - Photo Courtesy of Emma Chapin/The Heirloom Garden of Maine

 February 12, 2012 Garden Maine believes in the power of heirlooms, because sometimes you cannot improve upon perfection.

And that can apply to longtime relationships.

Diana George Chapin and I both started writing gardening columns for the same newspaper at about the same time in the mid-1990s. After a number of years, Diana moved onto other pursuits, while I kept writing my monthly ode to gardening in Maine.

Diana has been up to a lot in the intervening years. She and her mother, Sandy George, run The Heirloom Garden of Maine, and Diana spreads the love of gardening through teaching, writing and public speaking.

It is with great joy this week that we welcome Diana to Garden Maine, where she will extoll the virtues of plants she adores: heirlooms, here in the garden of Maine.

– Janine