May 20, 2019

High Romance

Pink Peony Poppy

Pink Peony poppy - Photo Courtesy of Emma Chapin/The Heirloom Garden of Maine

THE WEEKEND EDITION (So big it covers two days)

There’s something charming and delicate about a poppy flower. Maybe it’s the crepe paper-like petals that flutter in the slightest puff of air. Maybe it’s the way that single stem rises up to support that disproportionate bloom. Maybe it is the shocking clarity of the colors. No matter the perception, poppies are a hardy lot and easy to grow in Maine. From the standard Papaver orientale comfortable down to Zone 3 to P. rhoeas or the Flanders poppy, renowned for its blanketing of the battle-torn fields of Flanders, poppies add a brilliance to any garden. Poppies give us another reason to love them: Sometimes it just throws a curveball by popping out a completely different color than what you expected.

Today’s Daily Plant is a collaboration of Garden Maine and The Heirloom Garden of Maine, which grows the Pink Peony poppy pictured above.