May 20, 2019

Around the Globe

Gomphrena globosa - globe amaranth

Credit: Ottoshi Intel | Wikimedia Commons - Gomphrena globosa - globe amaranth

This Brazil native is a bit of a globe-trotter, thriving about anywhere. Gomphrena globosa, or globe amaranth, looks a bit fake with its perfectly formed bracts that are papery in their consistency. It grows easily from seed, reaching about 2 feet in height and usually producing a healthy crop of flowers. The blossoms are good as cut flowers, but also are well-known in dried arrangements, holding their color well over time. A number of cultivars have expanded the range of hues from white, pink, red and shades of purple. To increase the plant’s size, pinch it back when young to get a bushier size, which should produce more flowers.