July 6, 2020

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Wacky March, a Garden Show, a Book Debut

• By Janine Pineo • Dazed and confused. It’s been my perpetual state this month. The natural world agrees. The snow crocus were in bloom on the first day of spring. The buds on the red maples … [Read more...]


THE WEEKEND EDITION (So big it covers two days) Reaching upwards of 40 feet tall with lacy, fernlike foliage and clusters of flame-red blossoms, is it any wonder some people think Royal Poinciana, … [Read more...]

Egg Yolk Flower Tree

Photographer Alison Wherrett took these pictures in Australia in January 2012 in Sydney's Chinese Garden, an appropriate spot to photograph what the Chinese call the egg yolk flower tree. Plumeria is … [Read more...]


• By John F. Chisholm • March 2, 2012 — How do you approach a job?  How do you manage? I wonder. The question occurred to me with some force as I plowed the driveway this morning.  Last … [Read more...]

American Import

Find a canna anywhere in the world and you will be looking at a New World import. The plant was unknown in the rest of the world until explorers discovered the Americas. Cannas, which aren't lilies, … [Read more...]

Poor Man’s Weather-glass

Plants' reaction to their surroundings often prompts the common name, and Anagallis arvensis is no exception with one of its monikers, the above title of this piece. Why a weather-glass? This member … [Read more...]

Anticipation Grows as Ice Diminishes

• By Janine Pineo • The shelf of ice took an eternity to melt from atop my favorite perennial flower bed. When the rain washed the last chunk away a couple of weeks ago, I meandered around the … [Read more...]

Defining a Nation

Boasting more than 800 species across the continent, Australia is somewhat defined by the eucalypt, as it is called Down Under. Australians are proud of their Eucalyptus trees, rugged specimens that … [Read more...]

Shaker Herbs a Harvest of History and Wisdom

• By Diana George Chapin • For millennia, humans have used herbal plant material for a myriad of everyday purposes. The Shakers, a Christian religious community, were masters of herbal use, lore … [Read more...]

The Mad Dash to Planting Season

Editor's Note: Our greenhouse owner continues with the second part of his introduction to the craziness that is A Grower's Life. Read Part 1 here. • By Nathan Fennelly • To pick up where we left … [Read more...]