July 23, 2019

Bold Presence

Hedera helix 'Montgomery' - ivy

Janine Pineo Photo | Hedera helix 'Montgomery' - ivy

Hedera helix ‘Montgomery’ is a striking ivy with big leaves. Seen at the Cozy Acres Greenhouses display at the 2012 Bangor’s Garden Show, this plant was a lush specimen for a hanging basket, trailing for several feet. It would seem that ‘Montgomery’ also can be grown outside and trained to climb, that is if you live in Zone 5 or warmer here in Maine. Ivy prefers bright, indirect light to thrive, with some sites recommending planting on the north side of a structure. One should note that English ivy can become invasive if it likes where it lives. If you plant it in a container, all that means is you should pinch the runners back to keep it full, but under control.