January 22, 2020

Morning, Glory

Ipomoea x multifida 'Cardinalis'

Janine Pineo Photo | Ipomoea x multifida 'Cardinalis'

A quick glance at the red flower and cut leaf points to the parentage of today’s plant. But when matching picture to picture, it became clear that the little red trumpet was not what we first thought, but something else instead. Meet Ipomoea × multifida, the hybrid of scarlet creeper (I. hederifolia) and the cypress vine (I. quamoclit). The flower more closely resembles that of cypress vine, although it is less defined than its parent’s five-point star. The size is about the same, with the width of the trumpet less than a inch and the depth about an inch and a half. The leaves were the most obvious difference because cypress vine has finely cut foliage that is more like dill leaf if one must find a comparison. Instead, the leaves on Ipomoea × multifida resemble morning glory leaves that have been sheared away. The tag on the plant at Ellis’ Greenhouse in Hudson called it Cardinalis morning glory, stating it can vine up to 12 feet. A glorious morning, indeed.