April 8, 2020

Poppy of the Forest

Hylomecon japonica - wood poppy

Janine Pineo Photo | Hylomecon japonica - wood poppy

THE WEEKEND EDITION (So big it covers two days)

A couple of taxonomic names seem to apply to the wood poppy from Japan. Hylomecum japonicum was on the tag, but a search reveals it also is Hylomecon japonica. Either way, this golden gem is a petite sprite that loves the shade, bringing a slowly growing foot-tall mound of brief sunshine in the spring. The plant itself dies back over the summer. Not surprisingly, it likes humus-rich soil. Considered an alpine plant, the wood poppy looks to be hardy to at least Zone 5. We’ll see if it can withstand life in the fourth zone, tucked up under the trees this coming winter.