August 24, 2019

Puzzle of Color

Pelargonium x hortorum 'Classic Mosaic Red'

Janine Pineo Photo | Pelargonium x hortorum 'Classic Mosaic Red'

With every petal a variation of color mixed with specks of scarlet red, Pelargonium x hortorum ‘Classic Mosaic Red’ puts on a never-ending show of possibilities. The base color – if there actually is one – is a mixture of reddish-pink and white with splotches and splatters of the aforementioned scarlet red accentuating the whole of this zonal geranium. Like any geranium, keep the dead blossoms picked off to encourage bloom all season long and fertilize regularly if planted in a pot. This geranium was found at Hummingbird Hollow greenhouse in Holden.