June 4, 2020

Hey, Hey

Mimulus 'Maximus Mix'

Janine Pineo Photo | Mimulus 'Maximus Mix'

It’s a monkey-flower, a really big monkey-flower. Meet Mimulus ‘Maximus Mix,’ introduced in 2005. This particular hybrid was bred for the greenhouse trade: flowers earlier, prefers a 4-inch pot and grows the biggest mimulus blossoms. We found this one at Levant Village Nursery, sunshine bright with its unique bloom shape. The plant is not that tall, with most of its height coming from the flowers, which can approach 3 inches in size. And overall, it is only supposed to grow up to 10 inches tall, with a spread of 14 inches. Mimulus can tolerate some shade, although make sure it gets plenty of sunshine to keep the flowers coming. Don’t forget to deadhead, either, since those annuals are only looking to set seed and call it a summer.