March 31, 2020

Archives for May 2012

Thank a Farmer

• By John F. Chisholm • Farming is a world of extremes.  The temperatures are either way too hot or far too cold.  There's always too much rain or too little.  There are plagues of starlings, … [Read more...]

Puzzle of Color

With every petal a variation of color mixed with specks of scarlet red, Pelargonium x hortorum 'Classic Mosaic Red' puts on a never-ending show of possibilities. The base color - if there actually is … [Read more...]

Dirt-free Potatoes – and That’s No Hay

• By Faith Pineo • We like to try something new each gardening season and decided to give this a shot a few years back. But this method was only new to us, as our grandfather used to plant this way … [Read more...]

Bird Food

Chances are you've seen Ilex verticillata as the earth is making the transition from fall to winter. When the leaves have fallen off the deciduous trees and shrubs, the brilliant red fruit of … [Read more...]

Oriental Greens Quick to Grow from Seed

• By Janine Pineo • By the time this ode to spring planting is published, I will be sporting a rash of bug bites, my feet will ache, my back will creak, and my hands will be wishing for a bowl or … [Read more...]

Cover Up

Groundcovers can be used for many reasons, not just covering up the ground. The trick is to find one that looks attractive all through the growing season. Epimedium surpasses that criteria, with its … [Read more...]

Thank Your Farmer

Where would we be without farmers? We are fortunate we're not, especially here in Maine. Our farmer, John Chisholm, has long been writing about his life and how it revolves around the … [Read more...]

Apple Bread Pudding

We like versatile. And this recipe is all that. It started with the custard recipe, which has been a favorite for a long time: eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla and nutmeg - it couldn't be simpler. But … [Read more...]

I Found My Thrill

With its appealing "face," the pansy has long been a gardener's favorite: easy to grow and a profusion of blooms. Viola × wittrockiana is the hybrid of Viola tricolor, better known as heartsease or … [Read more...]

Wisp with a Twist

THE WEEKEND EDITION (So big it covers two days) From a distance, the color of the flowers was just enough to catch the eye. A moment of looking revealed that there was an interesting plant growing … [Read more...]