February 17, 2019

High Note

Iris 'Beverly Sills'

Mark Uchneat Photo | Iris ‘Beverly Sills’

Named for the famous soprano, Iris ‘Beverly Sills’ is a stunning tall bearded iris. With coral-pink petals and lacy falls, the flower simply sings for your attention. It is one of the most popular iris, winning awards for its vigorous growth and heavy blooming. The genus Iris consists of about 300 species known for their showy flowers. A perennial herb, iris grow from rhizomes and have distinctive sword-shaped leaves. The bearded iris, of which ‘Beverly Sills’ is one, simply describes the tuft of growth in the middle of the petal. In Mark Uchneat’s excellent photograph, you can see those “beards” quite clearly. The voice of Sills, the opera star, was described as “multicolored,” which makes an iris named in her honor quite fitting. Iris, you see, comes from the Greek for rainbow.