March 31, 2020

Archives for August 2012

Preaching Beans

Ask gardeners about their preferences for a green bean and you are likely to hear a litany of varieties and why it is the only variety he or she will grow. Ask this gardener (hi, it's Janine!) and she … [Read more...]

Looking for a Well-tuned Mind

• By John F. Chisholm • When I was a kid in school I didn't do badly on reading comprehension tests.  Mind you, I'm not a Rhodes Scholar.  I got by.  But the importance of understanding what you … [Read more...]

Pepper Party Time

There's a festive gene in Sweet Pickle pepper, a compact plant that produces loads of peppers. In the early stage, as pictured above, the peppers are an ivory shade. But as the fruit matures, the … [Read more...]

Summer Harvest Soup

I am eating the last bowl of this soup as I write, a true inspiration for the senses. The garlic drives the flavor, and ours came from Living Land Farm of Winterport. It has quite a kick and makes all … [Read more...]

Eating Crowberry

Good things often come in small, low-growing packages, including Empetrum nigrum, or black crowberry. This creeping 6-inch-tall shrub of bogs, cold forested wetlands and alpine zones prefers the more … [Read more...]

Celebrate the Harvest on Garden Maine

All this week, we are reveling in the harvest of 2012 by celebrating the bounty from the garden with Edibles Week. Starting Tuesday, you can sign up for a chance to win the drawing of a $25 gift … [Read more...]

Call Me the Legume Leprechaun, Squash Sprite or Zucchini Zealot

• By Janine Pineo • Back when the winter winds were sweeping down through Maine, I was yearning for fresh string beans, golden summer squash, crisp leaf lettuce, juicy tomatoes and green, green … [Read more...]

Taste of Napoli

If one can't go to Italy for the food, one can at least grow some of the same foodstuffs in the garden. Such is the case with Basil Bolloso Napoletano, one of the most flavorful basils ever grown in … [Read more...]

Zucchini Slaw

A bit of color, a bit of bite and a good way to use zucchini! Who could ask for anything more during Edibles Week on The Daily Plant, especially with today's feature of Spineless Beauty … [Read more...]

Spineless Wonder

If one thinks roses are the only thorns in the garden, then one hasn't grown edible plants. A good many plants can be a huge pain, especially the varieties in Cucurbita pepo, which don't sport thorns … [Read more...]