April 10, 2020

Archives for October 2012

Devil’s Darning Needles

Native to most  of North America east of the Dakotas, Clematis virginiana is a vigorous vine that can reach 20 feet in length. It is notable for its fragrant white flowers that bloom in abundance in … [Read more...]

Autumn Surprise

Gardeners are always looking for ways to keep the garden going, especially when summer turns to fall. While asters are often the go-to choice for perennials, you might want to consider the dark horse … [Read more...]

Syrupy Sweet

In the Northeast, one of the loveliest natives is Acer saccharum, best known as the sugar maple. It is the main source of maple syrup (turns out black maple, A. nigrum, does its best to pitch in), … [Read more...]

Splashs of Color Liven Up the Carnival

• By Janine Pineo • Back in the day when people ate rocks and twigs, someone noticed a viney thing with something attached that looked more appetizing than rocks and twigs and ate it. I suspect … [Read more...]

Mighty Mini Cabbage

Brussels sprouts rarely get the love they deserve. This member of the cabbage clan grows best in cool weather like its other relatives, cabbage, kale, broccoli and cauliflower. The requirements on … [Read more...]

Glory Be

  Hailing from Crete, Cyprus and Turkey is one of the most reliable spring-flowering bulbs you can plant, Chionodoxa. More likely you are familiar with the common name, Glory-of-the-snow. … [Read more...]

The Power of Positive Comments

• By John F. Chisholm • I'm positive that the Daimler is a thing of beauty, something that people enjoy seeing, a mechanical marvel that provides in-depth education to those who seek it. How can … [Read more...]

May the Forsythia Be with You

The exuberance of spring is never more evident than in the explosion of yellow from a forsythia bush. The only trouble here in Maine is that if you don't plant one that's got cold-hardy flower buds, … [Read more...]

Rough and Tough

Autumn means aster season, especially in Maine. Meet Eurybia radula, commonly known as rough wood aster (and also low rough aster and rough-leaved aster). The "rough" adjective is no fluke: The plant … [Read more...]

Reaping the Fruits of the Backyard Orchard

• By Janine Pineo • My wish to live near an orchard came true this year, and I didn't even have to move -- it was in my own yard. Over the past decade, my family has planted seven apple trees up … [Read more...]