September 15, 2019

The Naked Pumpkin

Lady Godiva pumpkin

Janine Pineo Photo | Lady Godiva pumpkin

Say Godiva and a good many of you will think chocolate. So what do you think about Lady Godiva pumpkin? Before you go too crazy on that one, meet the pumpkin with the naked seeds. If you aren’t one to eat roasted pumpkin seeds – are you nuts? – then you won’t be quite as impressed with this variety from 1972 that makes getting the most out of your pumpkin seeds easy. This Cucurbita pepo variety has lovely green seeds that roast quickly and taste deliciously nutty. Generally the seed cavity is well-proportioned, which means more seeds to eat. As a pumpkin variety, it tends to stay on the green side, although sometimes it will ripen to orange with green stripes. Plant it like you would any other winter squash variety in the spring and harvest in the fall. The flesh isn’t edible (well, that’s what they say, but I’ve found you can get away with a lot if you have enough sugar and spices – think pie), but don’t waste the shell; make a jack o’ lantern out of it. Who says it has to be for Halloween?