July 13, 2020

Join the Inundated Club

Lycopodiella inundata - Bog-clubmoss

Lycopodiella inundata – Bog-clubmoss | Photo courtesy of Glen Mittelhauser/Maine Natural History Observatory

Stomp around a bog, wetland or freshwater shore and you may very well trip over northern bog-clubmoss, the most common species of bog-clubmoss in New England. Lycopodiella inundata is also known as inundated clubmoss, growing throughout the Northern Hemisphere from the Arctic and then south, ending a few northern states down from the border with Canada. The plant grows low to the ground, creeping along but bearing erect stems. While many of the stems are sterile, some are fertile with spores. That makes it a pteridophyte, which means it is a vascular plant that reproduces only through spores.

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