July 7, 2020

Glory Be


Chionodoxa - Glory-of-the-snow

Janine Pineo Photo | Chionodoxa – Glory-of-the-snow

Hailing from Crete, Cyprus and Turkey is one of the most reliable spring-flowering bulbs you can plant, Chionodoxa. More likely you are familiar with the common name, Glory-of-the-snow. It is apt. The bulb is one of the first to bloom, sometimes even before the snow has melted completely here in Maine. Glory-of-the-snow is one of those diminutive flowers, usually no more than 6 inches tall at most, and it can be planted closely together with an inch or so of space to get the most bang out of the planting. It will spread if it is happy in its location, which should be mostly sunny. A bit of shade is OK, but full sun means the bulbs get the best location to grow and multiply. As for its hardiness, it should do well all the way down to Zone 3.