March 31, 2020

Archives for October 2012

Party Squash

With the exception of the jack-o'-lantern and its Halloween bag o' tricks, squash doesn't exactly have a good-times image. Perhaps, it's the name: squash. Not exactly exotic sounding, we must admit. … [Read more...]

Just Call Me Kooigoed

Take one look at Helichrysum petiolare in that group of plants pictured and you might wonder which flower it is. It's not. Best known as licorice plant here in the United States and sought for its … [Read more...]

Red Hot

There's nothing like picking a plateful of cayenne peppers and then wondering "What now?" For one surely won't be using more than one - or even part of one - at a time in a dish unless you like your … [Read more...]

Fluffy Bandage

Sanguisorba officinalis is one of those exuberant plants that flip and flop about with abandon. A member of the Burnet genus, this particular one is Great Burnet, a perennial herb hardy to Zone 4 that … [Read more...]

The Trace of Humanity

• By John F. Chisholm • As a species, we always leave things behind. I've discovered hosts of lost and discarded items on this farm, usually during the fall trim-up.  This ground has been farmed … [Read more...]

Drifting Through a Host of Golden Daffodils

I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o'er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host of golden daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing … [Read more...]

Viva la Verbena!

The six-pack of Verbena 'Apricot' at the greenhouse gave a hint of what was to come. The little clusters of apricot- and salmon-hued flowers looked charming after a winter of brown and gray. But a … [Read more...]

Clever and Carnivorous

Utricularia intermedia looks peaceful enough, despite having flat-leaved bladderwort for a common name. Utricularia translates from the Latin as "the master of a raft floated on bladders," which is … [Read more...]

Tall Cool One

Veronica longifolia is a striking plant as it develops flower spikes that take the plant's height to an easy 4 feet. Generally hardy to at least Zone 4, long-leaf speedwell tolerates average … [Read more...]

Planting Bulbs is Patience with a Purpose

• By Janine Pineo • Autumn is the season of enlightenment. I seem to discover that every year while I am cleaning up the sorry remains of yet another vegetable garden, sniffing the rather putrid … [Read more...]