February 19, 2019

Sonic Boom

Impatiens x hawkeri 'Sonic Red' - New Guinea impatiens

Janine Pineo Photo | Impatiens x hawkeri ‘Sonic Red’ – New Guinea impatiens

Nothing quite socks it to you like a blast of red. You get all that with Impatiens x hawkeri ‘Sonic Red.’ Unlike its relatives that prefer to stay in the cool shade, Impatiens x hawkeri doesn’t mind getting a bit of sun on its face, just not all day long. Commonly called New Guinea impatiens (their land of origin), these relative newcomers to American shores will do well in morning sunshine. Often used in pots, the New Guinea impatiens will put on an even better show in the ground, blossoming nonstop with bold 3-inch flowers. Like its relative, these impatiens can’t tolerate drying out completely, not with those succelent stems to keep moist. Having just arrived in the States in 1972, there is a substantial number of series involving hundreds of cultivars out there, including the Sonic series, introduced to the world in 2005.