July 7, 2020

Pelargonium Pop

Pelargonium 'Bartlett's Abigail' - Zonal geranium

Janine Pineo Photo | Pelargonium ‘Bartlett’s Abigail’ – Zonal geranium

The zonal geranium has come a long way, and nowhere is that more apparent in Pelargonium ‘Bartlett’s Abigail,’ with the color of the flower popping against the rich green leaves. This salmon pink confection is one of more than 40 varieties of zonal geraniums bred by J.P. Bartlett’s of Sudbury, Mass. The company has specialized in breeding a better geranium for more than 50 years. Like any geranium, keep the dead blossoms picked off to encourage bloom all season long and fertilize regularly if planted in a pot.