April 10, 2020

Archives for February 2013

Shelter from the Storm

• By John F. Chisholm • Outside, snow blows horizontally.  The spaces between the windows and screens are filling in, even on the second floor.  The accumulating snow stratifies against the glass, … [Read more...]

‘Sulphureus’ Glow

The cosmos never looked quite so sunny as with Cosmos sulphureus 'Bright Lights.' This annual is an easy flower to grow and can be direct seeded in the spring, preferring full sun and moderately … [Read more...]

Berry High

A relative of Maine's beloved lowbush blueberry is Vaccinium uliginosum, commonly called alpine blueberry. This native of high elevations has an interesting characteristic. According to Go Botany, … [Read more...]

Golden Treasure of the Incas

• By Janine Pineo • The Incas "lost" it. I found it. I planted it, picked it and ate it. And then I nearly lost it when I couldn't find the seeds for it. That's what happens when a … [Read more...]

Bright and Crunchy

In the sunshine and heat of summer lies a crisp piece of refreshment, vining along the paths and up a trellis, if you are clever enough to give that a go (it works!). There is nothing quite so lovely … [Read more...]

No-Bake Cookies

Sometimes, one finds humor in the strangest places. My sister, Faith, did a little searching on no-bake cookies and sent along this curious "information." I suggest you take it with a no-bake cookie, … [Read more...]

String of Stars

With a trumpet-shaped bloom and a dark eye, Thunbergia alata 'Lemon Star' sparkles with its velvety yellow petals. Also called Black-eyed Susan vine, this native of Eastern Africa is often seen for … [Read more...]

Wally’s World

The exuberance of spring-flowering shrubs is never more apparent than in a rhododendron. The brilliant but soft pink of Rhododendron 'Wally' easily fits the bill, brightening shady corners with its … [Read more...]

It Only Takes a Moment

• By John F. Chisholm • January 15, 2013 - I walked out to open the barn doors in yesterday's record warmth.  It was a gorgeous afternoon.  Sunshine reflected from meltwater puddles.  The ground … [Read more...]

A Light in the Shade

The versatility of Acer palmatum lies in its hundreds of cultivars. A. palmatum 'Saoshika' makes a great understory plant, generally growing more like a shrub than a tree and reaching only about 10 … [Read more...]