March 31, 2020

Bright and Crunchy

Lemon cucumber

Janine Pineo Photo | Lemon cucumber

In the sunshine and heat of summer lies a crisp piece of refreshment, vining along the paths and up a trellis, if you are clever enough to give that a go (it works!). There is nothing quite so lovely to see as these baseball-sized orbs of yellow dangling like ornaments or sparkling like gold in a stream of green. Lemon cucumbers are easy to grow (fertile soil, adequate water and full sunshine) and, if directly seeded in late spring, tend to develop later in the season when many of the newer hybrids are tapering off production. Resembling a lemon only in form and color, the flavor of a lemon cucumber is simply mild cucumber. The interior seed cavity is divided into sections, giving it a unique looked when sliced. The other fantastic thing about this heirloom from the late 1800s is that it produces a lot of fruit, small but plentiful.