July 15, 2020

Archives for March 2013

A Tree for All Seasons

The spectacular color and form of Malus 'Red Barron' presents an exquisite picture in May when the crabapple bursts into full bloom. This specimen at the Lyle E. Littlefield Ornamentals Trial Garden … [Read more...]

Burning Red

Acer palmatum has long been cultivated in Japan, its unique form the image of oriental gardens. Japanese maples are generally hardy to Zone 5, but this specimen, A. palmatum 'Baumel', has grown in the … [Read more...]

An Awful Tale of a Cat and a Bowl

• By John F. Chisholm • Animals are an integral part of my life but cats rule this house. My wife was a recent graduate of veterinary college when we met.  You'd imagine that I'd have figured … [Read more...]

Small is Small

You know a plant is very small when a wildflower site states "Height: Very small." Such is the case with Viola pallens, or Northern white violet. Actually, there are a slew of common names, some of … [Read more...]

Spot of Tundra Produces Jewel of a Berry

• By Janine Pineo • They are small and somewhat pathetic, with not even enough to fill 2 tablespoons. But I rejoiced anyway. The lingonberries have fruit this year. I had just hauled an … [Read more...]

A Bit Prickly

One wonders what possessed the first person who looked at Cynara cardunculus and said: "Hey, let's eat that." But it is a good thing someone did. Artichokes are a magnificent plant, with an ancient … [Read more...]

Garden Titan

Once upon a time, Hemerocallis didn't get a lot of respect. And then hybridizers got wise and decided to start experimenting with the genetics of day lilies. The result today is that there are more … [Read more...]

Rosy Peachy

With its petals in a shade of rose peach, you can't help but feel things are looking up with Hemerocallis 'Hall's Pink.' This day lily is a vigorous grower, spreading steadily in normal growing … [Read more...]

Well, LOL, and Pass the Spell Check

• By John F. Chisholm • My computer underlines all words with which it disagrees.  It does so in bright red, squiggly lines.  For some time I repeatedly added my sister's name to its dictionary.  … [Read more...]

See a Rhapsody

With more than 60,000 registered cultivars of day lilies, there certainly isn't a lack of variety when it comes to finding the perfect Hemerocallis to grace your gardens. One that offers a slightly … [Read more...]