February 27, 2020

In a Whorl

Oclemena acuminata - Sharp-toothed nodding aster

Oclemena acuminata – Sharp-toothed nodding aster | Photo courtesy of Glen Mittelhauser/Maine Natural History Observatory

Found in forests throughout New England is Oclemena acuminata, a native perennial that can grow anywhere from about a foot in height to more than 30 inches tall. Called sharp-toothed nodding-aster and whorled aster, the coarsely toothed leaves look to be in whorls, topped by a cluster of blooms atop the plant. O. acuminata flowers late summer, like many of it aster relatives, with petals in shades of white or pink to red.

Wild Wednesday is a collaboration of Garden Maine and Glen Mittelhauser of the nonprofit Maine Natural History Observatory, www.mainenaturalhistory.org.

In 2012, Glen began working to catalog the plants of Baxter State Park, which you can read about here and find out how to sponsor a plant of your own. Courtesy of a poll taken in 2012, Garden Maine is sponsoring this lovely plant.