July 23, 2019

‘Is It Rotten?’

Tomato 'Black from Tula'

Janine Pineo Photo | Tomato ‘Black from Tula’

Take one look at a fully ripe ‘Black from Tula’ tomato and the first thought that might come to mind: “Is it rotten?” This Russian heirloom is ripe when it is a combination of red, green and brown-black that in no way is rotten. In fact, it has one of the finest flavors of any tomato. An indeterminate variety, it benefits from being staked or trellised. ‘Tula’ sets large fruit that can reach up to 14 oz. in size. Seed Savers Exchange brought this variety to the States and first offered it in 1996, offering it commercially two years later. It can now be found in many seed catalogs and even the occasional greenhouse as plants.