July 11, 2020

When Life Hands You a Lemon Plum

Lemon plum

Janine Pineo Photo | Lemon plum

The rather modest display of fruit had one difference: a good-sized sign declaring something “exotic” had rolled into town. Hello, Lemon Plum. It is not a lemon or even lemony flavored. No, this Chilean plum is all plum when ripened. The lemon seems to come from its looks – lemon yellow with a pointy end – before it blushes into a fine orange-red when it is fully ripened. The selling point seems to be that this is a rare variety (although I cannot find any evidence to say exactly what variety this is in the land of plums), with a short window of harvest in Chile. Also called Chameleon plum, it is only available in stores in February and March here in the United States.

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