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Wake Up, Obsessive Dreamer

• By John F. Chisholm • My wife informs me that I kept her awake last night. I was dreaming.  I owed Paul Violet $28.57.  I have no doubt about that amount even though, to the very best of my … [Read more...]

Pretty Enough to Ward Off Fleas?

Translating botanical and common names often explains much about a plant. Erigeron speciosus is no different. Aspen fleabane is a perennial native to the western United States. The "speciosus" means … [Read more...]

Rite of Spring

Trillium erectum is a spring ephemeral, fleeting in its emergence in spring and in sync with the deciduous forests that it naturally calls home, its life cycle brief as it swiftly dies back. The hardy … [Read more...]

Tasty Treat

Nothing sounds better than when you read: All of the plant can be eaten. Such is the case with Balsamorhiza sagittata or arrowleaf balsamroot. This member of the daisy family and sunflower tribe is … [Read more...]

Peter Piper Must Have Been Peckish to Pick Pickled Peppers

• By Janine Pineo • With every garden comes knowledge. Like this bit: Jacques Cartier introduced the cabbage to the Americas in the 1540s. Or this bit: Basil, by the time it crossed the Atlantic to … [Read more...]

Of Middens and Manure: The Fine Art of Shoveling

• By John F. Chisholm • We let our cows enjoy the shelter of the barn all winter.  They're not that lucky when the weather warms.  We kick them out when spring arrives.  That's because they make a … [Read more...]

Shy and Small

Let's say you are at an elevation of 6,000 feet. What do you see? If you are in the western portion of the United States and Canada, you might see Phacelia hastata, or silver-leaf phacelia. This … [Read more...]

Anniversary Present

The introduction of Magnolia stellata 'Centennial' was made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Arnold Arboretum, which began in 1872 and is part of Harvard University in Boston. … [Read more...]

Have You Hugged Your Farmer Today?

Note to Readers: Puttering Around is a new feature on Garden Maine. It is the place where Janine waxes on about things when the mood strikes. • By Janine Pineo • The rain did not deter me from … [Read more...]

Shine a Light

Like the soft glow of a beacon is Magnolia 'Yellow Lantern.' With its creamy yellow tulip-shaped flowers, this hybrid of M. acuminata var. subcordata and M. x soulangeana ‘Alexandrina’ creates a … [Read more...]