October 13, 2019

Fun from Fedco – Handy Herbs

Fun from Fedco - Handy Herbs

Fun from Fedco – Handy Herbs

We had so much fun with our Awesome April Giveaway, that we couldn’t resist doing it again for May after a Saturday visit to the Fedco Tree Sale in Clinton at the seed company’s warehouses.

All week we will be giving away a different set of seeds every 24 hours, awash with interesting varieties that you won’t find just anywhere. Actually, you generally can only order some online, so let’s call this exclusive and go with that!


Janine Pineo Photo | Chives

Our second set of seeds is a trio of herbs, the B, C and D of the herb world.

Mrs. Burns Lemon basil is an heirloom from the southwestern United States. It is known for its strong lemon scent. It is easy to grow from seed, preferring full sun like standard basils.

One of the first herbs up in spring is chives. This plant comes easily from seed and will – over time – form a solid perennial clump. The flowers can be removed, although the blossoms are completely edible.

Fernleaf dill is a dwarf variety that will grow in the garden or in a pot. Its advantage is that it is slow to bolt, affording you plenty of plant to harvest.

All you have to do is enter to win.