May 24, 2019

Living on the Edge


Cosmos bipinnatus 'Picotee'

Janine Pineo Photo | Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Picotee’

The beauty of each blossom of Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Picotee’ is in the unique coloring each one sports. The white to light pink flowers are edged in a rosy-red shade, and there might even be a bit of pin striping, too. With its daisylike blossoms and ferny foliage, few plants can rival Picotee’s elegance in the late summer garden. Sprinkle a packet of seeds in the spring and you will have 3- to 4-foot plants by season’s end. The lacy foliage will keep you interested until the flowers of this Mexican native start to appear and then the blooms will sway in the breeze and you’ll think you should have worked harder and paid more money to have achieved such a pretty sight.