April 10, 2020

Archives for June 2013

Astringent But Pretty

Anemone canadensis is a North American native perennial that likes partly shaded, moist locations, from streambanks to meadows to lakesides. Hardy to Zone 3, Canadian anemone or meadow anemone can … [Read more...]

A Peony Named Felix

Herbaceous peonies are a beloved flower, revered for their beauty, scent and longevity. There are four different forms of peony flowers: the single, semi-double, double and Japanese or anemone. Most … [Read more...]

‘Beautiful for a Day:’ The Fleeting Wonder of a Day Lily

• By Janine Pineo • I was zipping along Route 1 with my grandmother down through Sullivan the other day when I saw a sign that had disappeared last year. “Daylilies,” it read. I almost … [Read more...]

The Comfort of the Commonplace

• By John F. Chisholm • I know that renovations are worth the time, effort, expense and bother.  Really, I know that.  But living with the unavoidable disruption, that's another thing … [Read more...]

Ring Those Bells

The tightly clustered bells of Campanula glomerata 'Joan Elliott' put on a rich show of purple starting in June in Maine. Hardy to Zone 3, this bellflower can reach up to 2 feet in height and doesn't … [Read more...]

One of a Kind

Papaver californicum is endemic (limited) to California, found only in the coastal counties south of San Francisco. This annual herb blossoms in April and May in its native territory, which includes … [Read more...]

Under Cover: Save Money, Time with Row Covers

• By Janine Pineo • The insect damage was the final straw. A number of years ago, I had a cucumber beetle infestation that decimated my cucumber and squash plants. If they didn't kill the … [Read more...]

Party Time

Pink, orange and yellow don't adequately describe the "wow" you get with Rosa 'Mardi Gras,' a floribunda type that was introduced in 2007. Meaning many flowering, floribunda has only been around for … [Read more...]

The Plush Perfection That is a Peony

Expect a riot of color and varieties during the June 22nd tour • By Janine Pineo • For a June afternoon in Maine, the sky was summer blue, the breeze a soothing whisper and the … [Read more...]

The Lusciously Decadent World of Peonies

• By Janine Pineo • Lush. That was the only word to describe the first wave of peonies three weeks ago in my yard. The heirlooms from my grandmother were a heady delight, with massive blooms … [Read more...]