March 31, 2020

Archives for June 2013

Purslane with a Patent

Some consider purslane to be a weedy bane in their garden. Others do some scientific mumbo-jumbo and file for a patent. Enter a variety of Portulaca oleracea: 'Yubi Summer Joy Scarlet.' This … [Read more...]

A Place in the Sun

Begonia x hiemalis 'Solenia Dusty Rose' is unlike most begonias you may have seen or grown: This begonia can thrive in full sun. The Hiemalis or Rieger begonias are a cross between the wax begonia and … [Read more...]

Taking Time to See the Color of Life

• By John F. Chisholm • May 25, 2013 - Color creeps up on me. I've never understood how. Was it three weeks back?  No, just two weeks ago our fields were only tinged with green.  Last year's … [Read more...]

Golden Child

The lovely thing about apple trees is not just the apples they produce, but the masses of delicate flowers they sport in the spring. These are the blooms of Malus x domestica 'Yellow Delicious,' which … [Read more...]

Don’t Eat the Tree

Goldenchain tree may be a member of the pea family, but the excessive number of pea-like seeds produced in the many pendulous racemes that make the tree famous are poisonous. Laburnum x watereri is … [Read more...]

Sweet Stanley is a Peach Among Plums

• By Janine Pineo • I got hooked a couple of years ago while perusing the offerings at the Orono Farmers Market. There they waited, glowing like jewels nestled in cardboard boxes. I purchased … [Read more...]

Pudding, Anyone?

One doesn't usually look at a plant and think pudding, but Persicaria bistorta fuels those thoughts in the north of England where it is a key ingredient in dock pudding, a delicacy found in Yorkshire. … [Read more...]

Pineapple Cookies

When I was a child, my mother cooked nearly everything we ate. A store-bought cookie was one of the rarest treats we kids could imagine. Mum would often stay up until 2 or 3 a.m. baking, making sure … [Read more...]

Evergreen and Red

You might want to shield your retinas from the blazing color of Rhododendron 'Hershey's Red,' a brilliant-colored azalea that is hardy to Zone 6 (although some say Zone 5). This variety is a Kurume … [Read more...]

Just Call it Furin-tsutsuji

Enkianthus campanulata is an often overlooked shrub that is hardy to Zone 4 and performs best in partial shade conditions. An excellent specimen at the Asticou Azalea Gardens on Mount Desert Island … [Read more...]