October 15, 2019

They’re Groat!

Avena nuda - 'Terra' hulless oats

Janine Pineo Photo | Avena nuda – ‘Terra’ hulless oats

Grains can be curious plants to trial, especially when you have no idea what you are doing. An easy one to try is Avena nuda, or hulless oats. Pictured is the ‘Terra’ variety, touted as the best of the hulless and the one to grow to eat. The oat is not entirely hulless, but threshing does much of the work if you plan to eat groats you grow. Fedco Seeds says of the oat variety that it may well be the earliest and yield the most with the largest seed. ‘Terra’ is also high in protein. Your biggest problem might be in mistaking the sprouts for grass and pulling the plants thinking them weeds; just make sure to mark the row or patch. If eating the grain seems like too much work still, you can grow the plant as an ornamental and use it as filler in bouquets.