August 24, 2019

Archives for December 2013

You Say Cuetlayochitl, I Say Poinsettia

• By Janine Pineo • Not long after turkey day comes that day for which we all are waiting, a day that brings together a nation every year. A day to honor the cuetlayochitl. You know, that … [Read more...]

First Blush

Awash in a blush of light pink is Rhododendron 'April Dawn.' This hybrid shrub is generously covered in blooms offering a slight fragrance. Hardy to -25 degrees, it tends to flower early in the season … [Read more...]

Ode to a Lacy Carrot

If you were to dig up a Daucus carota plant, you would find it has a carrot-like taproot. Which isn't surprising since one of its common names is wild carrot, while a subspecies of D. carota (subsp. … [Read more...]