July 15, 2020

Archives for January 2014

Good News

Frosty shades of pink make Gladiolus 'Good News' a welcome addition to the late summer garden. This summer-flowering bulb should be planted in full sun and will easily reach more than 3 feet in … [Read more...]

Crooked Neck

  Cucurbita pepo encompasses many varieties, including pumpkins and winter squash, but it also has the whole range of summer squash as well. One of the better known varieties in the summer … [Read more...]

Quite the Cosmopolitan

Achillea millefolium gets around, hence the term cosmopolitan. Common yarrow is distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere and in Maine across a variety of habitats, including alpine or subalpine … [Read more...]

Sweet Pea

Tried and true is what keeps heirlooms popular. And few are as reliable as Mammoth Melting Sugar pea. This snow pea produces beautiful flowers that quickly turn into huge, flat, edible pods that are … [Read more...]

On the Vine

Acer circinatum is a western native, found in less than a 200-mile-wide swath along the Pacific Northwest. Known as vine maple, this plant is considered a large shrub - anywhere from 15 to 25 feet in … [Read more...]

Friend of Megaherbs: Auckland Island Gentian

Known as Auckland Island Gentian, Gentianella concinna is called a companion plant in the megaherb society, growing readily alongside the megaherbs endemic to the subantarctic Auckland Islands in New … [Read more...]

Monday the 13th. Oh horrors!

Trees get to the heart of this farmer • By John F. Chisholm • Monday, Jan. 13, 2014 - One of my favorite trees blew down in Saturday's gale.  A majestic black spruce, it was torn from the ground, … [Read more...]

Megaherb: Silver-leaf Daisy

The silvery hairs on both sides of the leaves set Pleurophyllum hookeri apart from its near relatives, P. speciosum and P. criniferum. This megaherb can be found on the subantarctic islands of … [Read more...]

Megaherb: Campbell Island Carrot

Permanently damp, that's what Anisotome latifolia likes. Known as the Campbell Island Carrot, this perennial herb can reach up to two meters in height, sporting leathery leaves with dark green to … [Read more...]

Megaherb: Macquarie Island Cabbage

Not only is it nice to look at, but Stilbocarpa polaris also can prevent scurvy. Native to the subantarctic islands of New Zealand as well as Macquarie Island in Australia, this member of the ivy … [Read more...]