March 28, 2020

‘Banquet’ Setting

Tree peony 'Banquet'

Janine Pineo Photo | Tree peony ‘Banquet’

If one is starving for the awe-inspiring power of a peony, look no farther than that of the tree peony ‘Banquet.’ This impressive plant is a 4-foot-tall lutea hybrid tree peony that sports what are considered strawberry-red, semi-double blossoms. For centuries around the globe, people have tried to create new types of peonies, and ‘Banquet’ is the result of work by Professor A.P. Saunders in 1941. Saunders was a renowned peony breeder who worked as a chemistry teacher at Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y. He crossed countless varieties, obtaining more than 17,000 seedlings. From that, 320 became registered as a named variety. ‘Banquet’ is hardy to Zone 4.