May 26, 2020

Slow Crawl of Spring Just a Taunt – Or Is It?

Janine Pineo Photo | Petunias are in bloom at Ellis' Greenhouses in Hudson.

Janine Pineo Photo | Petunias are in bloom at Ellis’ Greenhouses in Hudson.

Janine Pineo Photo | Open water had just appeared on April 9 in the little stream off the mill pond.

Janine Pineo Photo | Open water had just appeared on April 9 in the little stream off the mill pond.

• By Janine Pineo •

The weather guy put it all in perspective a few days ago.

He said we hadn’t had a high in the 60s since mid-November. Then he said we hadn’t had the high and low as mild as it was since mid-October.

Six months.

Six long, snowy, icy, monotone-hued months.

And then we dropped back into the cold again and got snow the following week.

Insult to injury, that’s what I said.

Deep in the woods where I walk my dog, Kai, there is still snow where the sun don’t shine. Not much, that is for sure, which is surprising given the depths of the frozen mass just a month ago. About five weeks ago, I was waist deep in drifts in my backyard, which is now awash with rampaging robins and ankle-twisting frost heaves.

It feels good. It feels surreal.

By my calculations and photographic proof, we had snow on the ground December 1st of last year. The dog was thrilled. It was barely a dusting, but it was cold enough to stay. And then days later we got lambasted with some of the worst storms, one after another, seemingly coming in groups of three and always with ice and sleet and misery.

It is not that I mind winter. I have lived in Maine all my life and figure I have seen it all. But this past winter was a doozy. It beat me up, not only dragging on but pummeling us with its relentless fury and unending days of below-zero temperatures.

To say that I am ready for spring is a faint representation of my emotions this year.

And yet, it still seems elusive. The days have been cold, even the sunny ones. Those have been few and far between, with most days rainy and windy, a bitter chill still slicing through from the North.

I will persevere. You will, too. We will ride out this stretch. And planting time will be upon us.

If you doubt that, then let these two events convince you. The Fedco Tree Sale will be held Friday and Saturday, May 2-3. Yes, that would be this coming end of the week. (More information here.) I have gone a few times to this unique event, which is more than just trees. My favorite part may be the building where the seeds are kept and sorted and mailed. Why? Because you stand there amidst millions of seeds and feel their wonder and power.

And in two weeks is the Green Thumb Plant Sale from the Belfast Garden Club. That one is May 17. (More information here.) I went to that event for the first time last year and returned home with dozens of plants for less than $30. Plus, I got to take a walk on the beach, smell the salt air and play with a little dog before happening across a maritime fair in my search for ice cream.

We shall see how inclined I am to search for something icy this year.