November 20, 2019

In the Light of a Perfect Moment

Janine Pineo Photo | A butterfly on milkweed

Janine Pineo Photo | A butterfly on milkweed

• By Janine Pineo •

Every year, I wait for the milkweed to come into bloom.

It isn’t the showiest of plants, this wildflower with its muted color of  blossoms. But if you look at one closely, the flowers are amazingly complex.

The seedpod is fascinating, too, growing to a huge size before it ripens and the fluff bursts free.

But it is blossom time I await each year because it is then that the butterflies flit about in their delirium.

It was one such day last month that was picture perfect. The light sparkled down on the patch of milkweed beside the hayfield on the woods road where I walk my dog. He sniffed about in the grass nearby as I spotted a butterfly dipping and diving. I whipped out my cell phone and turned on the camera.

I shot picture after picture as the butterfly walked all about one cluster of flowers, occasionally taking to the air to try a different angle.

Meanwhile on one leaf, a ladybug strolled by.

It made my day, that moment: warm sun, crickets in the hayfield, and a delicate butterfly to lighten my heart.