July 7, 2020

[an untitled poem] by Michael Zuck

Editor’s Note: Michael Zuck wrote several letters to his niece Lillie shortly before he died on March 7, 2015. His wife Gail shared them with Garden Maine. The five letters end with this essay — which he titled ‘A Farewell to Spuds’ — and then a poem. Read the accompanying letter, the fifth, here and the essay here.)


[an untitled poem]


The Earth’s call, old and pure,
Is everywhere to be heard,
But only the practiced ear, and settled mind
Above the din and tumult of the world,
may sense its urgency and meaning.

We ride the waves of History
Theology, and Mystery.
Through the gathering years
Sure of our assumptions, bold and sure,
Our righteous destiny awaits.

A better life, eternal life,
Enlightenment and Peace,
Promises so long enshrined,
Their origins by now are hid
Covered by the vines of time.

“It may not be as you believe,”
Earth’s gentlest admonition falls,
“The passion and the certitude you deep perceive
Are not mine, but yours.”

Live Now! My best advice
Be sure of the seasons

~ Michael Zuck
1951 – 2015