July 16, 2020

Archives for April 2016

Safety Requires Effort

• By John Chisholm • Safety requires effort. I have an example.  It's convoluted, but accurate.  More importantly, it's true.  Please bear with me. My Land Rover has a 19-gallon fuel tank.  … [Read more...]

Presidents Hate Me

• By John Chisholm • What is it about expenses?  They all come at once. Seriously.  Think about it.  Every December financial mayhem arrives the 25th.  It's as regular as clockwork.  OK.  We do … [Read more...]

For the Love of a Black Cherry Tree

• By John Chisholm • I love black cherry trees.  I love their scented, white, columnar blooms and the vivid red and purple veins embedded within their dark green leaves.  Their cherries are small ― … [Read more...]

Rolling the Coaster into Spring

• By Janine Pineo • I heard the peepers last night. I doubt it's a record appearance, the 13th of April. But after the endless winter of 2014-2015, this past winter made it seem like a late … [Read more...]

A Wonderful Time

• By John F. Chisholm • I traveled to Searsport the other day.  Doug and I worked on my Daimler.  The weather was horrible with a wet, heavy snow falling.  The roads were treacherous.  Saying the … [Read more...]