May 29, 2020

Rolling the Coaster into Spring

Janine Pineo Photo | Snow crocus

Janine Pineo Photo | Snow crocus

• By Janine Pineo •

I heard the peepers last night. I doubt it’s a record appearance, the 13th of April.

But after the endless winter of 2014-2015, this past winter made it seem like a late start.

Oddly enough, the first flowers have come and gone. The snow crocus, pictured above in their March glory days, came and went amidst snow, rain and more snow and rain. They always seem so delicate, those tiny flowers that poke their way out in the coldest of weather. Yet they always withstand more snow and freezing temperatures.

The robins arrived en masse. I felt like I was dodging them on my way anywhere the first week they were back, about the same time the snow crocus appeared. They stood out in the dead grass, their red breasts bright against the tan palette.

The rhubarb is up, the first knobs rising above the soil, reminding me I need to add more humus and such to the bed. I stood next to another raised bed, debating the merits of attempting to clean it up and plant some spring greens, such as spinach.

To get in the mood, I started three trays of sprouts in the house, clover and mung bean.

I heard the first frog as I walked the dog Wednesday night. The sun was still quite high, but the shadows were long. We had barely passed the stream runoff from the pond when the chorus began, that glorious cacophony of celebration.

I keep thinking about last year at this time, the yard still buried in snow.

Next year at this time, I wonder if I will be thinking about the crocus already going by. Maybe the peepers will remind me.