July 13, 2020

An Undeniable Truth

• By John F. Chisholm •

Humanity can no longer afford primitive thinking.

Okay.  When we were Neanderthals fighting for survival, an ‘Us versus Them’ attitude was at least understandable.  Cave bears and saber tooth tigers were genuine and frightening risks.  Perhaps other groups of Neanderthals were immediate threats to our existence as well, intent on stealing our food or turning us out of our homes.


Undeniably, however, conditions have changed since then.

Neanderthals are extinct.  Likewise, cave bears and saber-tooth tigers.

True, dangers still exist.  They’re very real.  There’s no denying that.  But how ironic that the instinctual reactions that once saved us now place us at risk of following suit with the Neanderthals.

Realization of our place in the Cosmos has come slowly, but it has arrived.  Pictures of Earth from space, Hubble Telescope views of the surrounding universe with its undefined enormity together with the certain knowledge of just how tiny our place, our spaceship ― Earth ― truly is, has given us perspectives unavailable to the Neanderthals.

Unfortunately, we have not changed with the awareness of these conditions, with the wider, more demanding view of reality.  We still cling to the old ‘Us versus Them’, ‘Me versus You’ and ‘Our tribe can beat yours’ mindset.

This built-in, primitive response will destroy us if we fail to raise our intellects above our instincts.

Until we recognize that there is only One Tribe, that it occupies all of Earth, a tiny campsite in an incomprehensibly vast universe, our very survival is at risk from the instinctual reactions that once might have saved us.

We have to educate ourselves.  We have to realize that without globalization we will destroy our home and ourselves in the process.

There are undeniable truths here:  Our home ― Earth ― feeds, supports and shelters us.  If we destroy it, we die.  Period.  End of story.  No doubt, no reprieve or Hail Mary pass will prevent it.

Should we continue to react instinctively to threats from within, from ourselves, from each other, that’s what will happen.  Unavoidably.  Undeniably.  Unnecessarily.  Stupidly.

Our escape from that fate is a conscious realization:

As a species we must rise above the instinct that once defined us.  There is no ‘Them’.  There is no Black, White, Latino, American, European, Asian, African or any other artificial division among us.  These don’t exist.

They are only other names for Us.

This knowledge reveals still another undeniable Truth:

Humanity can no longer afford primitive thinking.