July 13, 2020

A Dose of Aspirin

Filipendula ulmaria 'Flore Pleno' is a striking double-flowered herbaceous perennial that easily can reach four feet in height. Hardy to Zone 2, meadowsweet doesn't mind a fair amount of moisture, … [Read more...]

Summer Sky

"Like a cloud of butterflies," says the description on the website of the Historic Iris Preservation Society. It is a succinct picture of Iris sibirica 'Summer Sky,' a diploid with pale blue falls, … [Read more...]

Totally Nuts

The nuts have fallen off the black walnut tree here at Garden Maine. One good rainstorm with a bit of wind and the ground was covered with green orbs coveted by our squirrel population. Juglans nigra … [Read more...]

All About the Thorn

The cascades of fruit in autumn might be a clue to how prolific the Crataegus species are. Pictured is what likely is a variety of C. monogyna, best known as common hawthorn. Native to Europe, … [Read more...]

The Word for Yellow

Although it has no official status as such, the Kōwhai is seen as being New Zealand's national flower. With eight species in the genus Sophora native to New Zealand, these small, woody legumes are … [Read more...]

The Bird of Paradise

Out of South Africa, there came to the Royal Gardens at Kew a most curious plant. In 1773, Sir Joseph Banks, who was the unofficial director of the place, introduced this exotic tropical, naming the … [Read more...]

O Pioneer

Centaurea maculosa may look familiar, given that its relatives include the iconic C. cyanus (bachelor button) and C. montana (mountain bluet). But this species is not native to North America and is … [Read more...]

Home, Sweet Home

Many plants provide shelter to different creatures and Heliconia around the world are no exception. Related to the banana family, these tropical plants are known for their showy looks, which are the … [Read more...]

Crimson Pride

An iconic symbol of New Zealand at Christmas is Metrosideros excelsa, better known in Maori as pohutukawa, or the New Zealand Christmas tree. This member of the myrtle family is endemic to the island … [Read more...]

Most Elegant of Them All

If one needed a single word to describe the genus Lilium, elegance might be that word. There are numerous types of lilies around the world, natives to Europe and across Asia and Japan and into the New … [Read more...]