May 27, 2020

Name Game

Somewhere along the way, someone decided Sedum 'Autumn Joy' ought to be Hylotelephium 'Herbstfreude'. The niceties of the nomenclature may confuse you, but 'Autumn Joy' couldn't be simpler. This … [Read more...]

Stalking the Wild Cucumber

The email started off with a this-stuff-has-gone-crazy-all-over-the-yard and a question as to what exactly "this stuff" was. But the person answered himself. Echinocystis lobata is the native wild … [Read more...]

Sweet Scent of Autumn

Few plants start to bloom at summer's end, but one such plant is Clematis paniculata, or sweet autumn clematis. This small-flowered climber can reach upwards of 30 feet but can easily be kept under … [Read more...]

The Turtles Have It

The genus Chelone is probably best recognized by the flowers from whence its common name is derived: turtlehead. The blossoms' unique shape is similar across the genus' four species as all resemble … [Read more...]

Garden Belles

In the family of bellflowers lives ladybells, Adenophora stricta (and sometimes known as A. confusa). This perennial herb is hardy to Zone 3, preferring sun to partial shade. It grows upwards of 3 … [Read more...]

Seeing Double

The first single-color of Cosmos bipinnatus 'Double Click' is this striking beauty, 'Rose Bonbon.' This sturdy cosmos can easily hit 3 feet in height with its delicate-looking, finely cut foliage … [Read more...]

Get Fuzzy

Dusted with fuzz is Clematis hirsutissima, a member of the buttercup family. Hairy clematis is native to a good portion of the western United States, stretching from Washington to Nebraska, then … [Read more...]

A Peony Named Felix

Herbaceous peonies are a beloved flower, revered for their beauty, scent and longevity. There are four different forms of peony flowers: the single, semi-double, double and Japanese or anemone. Most … [Read more...]

One of a Kind

Papaver californicum is endemic (limited) to California, found only in the coastal counties south of San Francisco. This annual herb blossoms in April and May in its native territory, which includes … [Read more...]

Party Time

Pink, orange and yellow don't adequately describe the "wow" you get with Rosa 'Mardi Gras,' a floribunda type that was introduced in 2007. Meaning many flowering, floribunda has only been around for … [Read more...]