June 28, 2017

Portrait of My Mother

• By John F. Chisholm • My younger sister, Helen, sent me a black and white photograph of our mother last week. It's one I've never seen before. That much is easily explained.  Mother died in … [Read more...]

The Most Disarming Compliment

• By John F. Chisholm • Kindness is the most disarming compliment. I don't normally take compliments well, either, I always wonder what I'm missing. It's a curious disability, not one I'd … [Read more...]

Safety Requires Effort

• By John Chisholm • Safety requires effort. I have an example.  It's convoluted, but accurate.  More importantly, it's true.  Please bear with me. My Land Rover has a 19-gallon fuel tank.  … [Read more...]

Presidents Hate Me

• By John Chisholm • What is it about expenses?  They all come at once. Seriously.  Think about it.  Every December financial mayhem arrives the 25th.  It's as regular as clockwork.  OK.  We do … [Read more...]

For the Love of a Black Cherry Tree

• By John Chisholm • I love black cherry trees.  I love their scented, white, columnar blooms and the vivid red and purple veins embedded within their dark green leaves.  Their cherries are small ― … [Read more...]

A Wonderful Time

• By John F. Chisholm • I traveled to Searsport the other day.  Doug and I worked on my Daimler.  The weather was horrible with a wet, heavy snow falling.  The roads were treacherous.  Saying the … [Read more...]

Art and the Creative Ether

• By John Chisholm •I've been spending too much time wondering and worrying about the creative ether. Nobody quite knows of what it's comprised, how limited anyone's supply might be or how to acquire … [Read more...]

The Nomination Process

• By John Chisholm •Friends have been inquiring. "How's the campaign going?"The answer, as truth so often appears, is short: It's gone.It went by in a heady mixture of idealism, folly and naiveté. I … [Read more...]

Impatience in Overdrive

• By John Chisholm •Impatience has no reward. I know that. But when anticipation is overwhelming, I find myself impatient despite my best counsel.Thirteen days ago I ordered an overdrive for my Land … [Read more...]

On the Campaign Trail … Or Trial?

• By John Chisholm •I'm running for the Maine House of Representatives. Knocking on doors, asking residents for their signatures on my nomination papers is an experience. Even if I'm not elected, I … [Read more...]