May 25, 2020

Button-sized Brilliance

Once in a while, a plant surprises you. With its slightly weedy appearance before it blossoms, Emilia coccinea is one of those plants. And then, it blooms! The common name is tassel flower, for these … [Read more...]

Out of Algeria

For a small flower, Linum grandiflorum 'Rubrum' packs a wallop in scarlet. Nothing can quite prepare you for the explosion of color that scarlet flax offers when the small flowers open  to reveal a … [Read more...]

In the Faraway Levant

You know a plant has some history when the descriptions say it is an Old World flower. Such is the case with Hibiscus trionum, also called Flower of the Hour, bladder hibiscus and venice mallow, to … [Read more...]

Sky-Blue Sparkle

The prickly borage, or Borago officinalis, is one of the prettiest herbs one can plant. Topped with sky-blue stars, the plant is also known as starflower. The stiff hairs that cover the leaves and … [Read more...]